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Enjoy relaxing and revitalizing affirmations meditation that enhance your resilience, radiance, and joy of being alive.


Includes a short relaxation sequence followed by affirmations of radiant wellbeing that wash over you, allowing you to soak them in and absorb them deeply into all levels of your being.


Elevate your well-being, recharge your energy, and emerge with a sense of serenity and renewed vitality. 



Music: Stillness Consciousness at Rest, by Thaddeus.

Empowering Affirmations for Staying Radiant

  • This is a digital audio file - mp3 format.


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    Enjoy its transformative power!

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You will LOVE discovering all the new facets of your multidimensional self!
Empowering, healing and insightful! I cannot thank you enough, your activations produced such a shift in my life!
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